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Blue Ghost Consultants was founded in 2018 by Bob Gembara.

"With military, law enforcement, and emergency management backgrounds, we have a strong understanding of local, county, and state needs. Our knowledge of legal issues and departmental policies/procedures enhances our capabilities to develop a program to obtain your goals and develop solutions for private companies. We have real-world, multi-jurisdictional, operational experience. Learn from our success and experience so that you can develop a comprehensive tactical plan, prepare yourself and/or employees, and reduce liability.”     - Bob Gembara, Blue Ghost Consultants

Bob Gembara

Bob Gembara

Executive Director / Tactical Division

Illinois State Police SOCOM Commander (retired)

Bob Gembara is an experienced SWAT operator and has been a police officer for over 24 years. With the Illinois State Police, Bob began his tactical career as a SWAT operator and rose through the ranks of Illinois State Police Special Operations Command (SOCOM). As the SOCOM Commander, Bob lead both the full-time (Tier I) Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team and the State Weapons of Mass Destruction Team (SWMDT). His tactical expertise ranges from hostage/armed barricade incidents to counter-terrorism response. Bob has participated in the tactical planning, operations, and mitigation of a multitude of real-world critical situations and SEAR I details. Bob has lead multi-jurisdictional missions and was instrumental in formulating joint hazardous assessment teams to prevent, detect, deter, and respond to any terrorist event.


Member 1

Current Assignment: Chicago SWAT Operator

Summary: Responsible for acting as primary team medic and sniper for full-time SWAT team. Operations include high-risk search warrant, hostage rescue, explosive and manual breaching, high angle repelling, maritime operations, and dignitary protection.

Relevant Background Position 1: Team Lead (Foreign extremist organization task force) at Special Operations Command

Summary: Lead interagency team directed to target global violent extremist organization presence. Served as liaison to multiple special mission units and intelligence agencies to coordinate targeting of High Value Targets (HVTs).

Relevant Background Position 2: Special Collection Operator within SOCOM

Summary: Conducted multiple special operations deployments to hostile environment in support of national level mission. Responsible for utilizing classified equipment and information in support of counterterrorism operations.

SWAT NOC Exploitation of TDMA/CDMA/GSM 2G, 3G, 4/ LTE and Mobile Radio
Emergency Medical Technician (EMTB) SIGINT targeting
TCCC certification Pattern of life analysis and creation in support of cover operations
Full spectrum SERE (Level A,B,C) Sensitive equipment procurement and activation
Special Operations Signals Intelligence Course Communications Security
Communications Signals Collection and Processing Course Tactical Medicine
Assured Pursuit (Terminal Guidance) course Violent Extremist Organizations
ITSFAC operational utilization course Geospatial platforms in support of intelligence operations
EAO Level 1, Level 2

Member 2: Clearance – Top Secret/SCI +

Current Assignment: Operations Officer – Classified Client

Summary: Conducts sensitive operations utilizing commercial, nominal and other types of cover in support of national level US intelligence agency requirements. Responsible for managing interagency relationships, unit training, sensitive equipment acquisition, surveillance and high-risk environment operations.

Relevant Background Position: Operator – 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta

Summary: Directly lead, managed and trained national-level team utilized in sensitive worldwide environments and locations. Served as a member of an Interagency Early Response Team.

1st SFOD-D operator training course (OTC) Weapons of Mass Destruction
Ranger, Sapper, Pathfinder, Air Assault Countersurveillance
Airborne Jump Master / HALO Jump Master Electronic and Information Security
Special Forces Combat Diver (SCUBA) Surveillance Detection
Capabilities Development Course Targeting
Sergeant Majors Course Advanced Shooting Techniques
SERE SV 91 Operational Planning and Coordination
Advanced Land Navigation Course Executive Protection
Tim O'Neil Rally Driving School Surveillance
Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SNIPER)
Fundamentals of System Acquisition Management

Other Skills & Highlights: 14 Combat tours, Silver Star, 5 Bronze Stars, 2 Purple Hearts, 2 Air Medals. 20 years operator with Delta / 30 years military experience

Member 3: Clearance – Top Secret/SCI +

Current Assignment: Operations Officer (Team Lead) at classified client

Summary: Responsible for planning and executing national level intelligence and paramilitary operations in semi and non-permissive environments globally. Manages multimember team utilizing commercial and criminal cover in support of sensitive requirements.

Relevant Background Position 1: Intelligence Officer at Interagency Task Force

Summary: Tasked with utilizing criminal cover to conduct sensitive item acquisition while coordinating with federal law enforcement agency to pass actionable information in pursuit of state and federal prosecutions of organized crime. Prosecutions included numerous felonies within organized crime. Successfully achieved rank of officer in target criminal organization.

Relevant Background Position 2: Team Lead at Joint Department of Defense/Central Intelligence Agency Task Force

Summary: Responsible for the collection and reporting of Human Intelligence and acquisition of sensitive equipment in support of national level requirements.

CERTIFICATIONS: (official course titles & organizations redacted) SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTISE:
Numerous Human Intelligence Collection courses at multiple agencies Organized Crime (International Drug Trafficking Organizations / Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs)
Numerous Counter-money laundering courses Cover operations, persona development and training
Countersurveillance , surveillance (static /mobile) Operational funds placement / counter- money laundering operations /cryptocurrency
Special Operations SIGINT operator course Human Intelligence Collection
Communications Signals Collection and Processing Course Counter-narcotics
Advanced non-permissive environment travel course Global criminal logistics networks and tradecraft
Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Targeting Covert communications platforms
Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Targeting Corporate risk assessment
Surreptitious entry course Tier 1 criminal SIGINT capabilities
Bachelors of Science: Cryptography

Other Skills & Highlights: Developed new tradecraft for moving government funds in support of sensitive operations

Member 4: Clearance – Top Secret/SCI +

Current Assignment: Operations Officer (Medic) at classified client

Summary: Responsible for utilizing commercial, criminal and nominal covers to execute national level mission. Conducts sensitive item acquisition and supply chain logistic management. Tasked with the movement and placement of operational funds and serves as team lead for the purchase and activation of operational accounts and equipment (digital and physical). Responsible for all emergency and clinical care of team members as well as team medical training.

Relevant Background Position: Special Operations Medical and Intelligence Specialist

Summary: Intelligence collection and analysis, planning and execution of small unit direction action, special reconnaissance and unconventional warfare operations. Principle advisor to commander on all matters pertaining to medicine and intelligence operations in AO.

Advanced Tactical Paramedic (ATP) Emergency trauma and medical management
Special Operations Combat Medic Course Counter narcotics
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) / (PALS) Prolonged field care
Spanish Language Anesthesiology and emergency surgical procedures
Special Forces Medical Sergeant (18D) & Intelligence Sergeant (18F) Casualty evacuation procedures
Military Freefall Parachutist (HALO) / USPA Class A Skydiving license Clandestine emergency/medical clinic acquisition
Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat (SFAUC) Static and mobile surveillance (mounted and dismounted)
SERE (Level C) Technical surveillance / device application
Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leaders course Photography, sketching and reporting techniques
Defensive and Evasive Driving Course Outlaw motorcycle clubs (OMC) / motorcycle operation and maintenance
Bachelor of Science degree with graduate course work CBRNE response (hot and cold zone procedures)

Other Skills & Highlights: ISR aircraft director, military intelligence liaison officer to foreign special operations command, formerly assigned to CBRNE emergency response force.

Member 5: Clearance – Top Secret/SCI +

Current Assignment: Team Chief – classified client

Summary: Responsible for managing operational team and associated cover personas. Acts as liaison between operational team and headquarters elements to distribute mission requirements and relay intelligence. Develops team communication platforms and serves as instructor for cover training.

Relevant Background Position: Technical Operations Officer at Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Summary: Paramilitary sensitive site exploitation cadre instructor. Responsible for developing and teaching use of sensitive technology in non permissive environments. Tasked with mobile and computer forensics in advanced incident investigations including internal and external data breaches, intrusions and cyberthreats.

CERTIFICATIONS: (official course titles & organizations redacted) SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTISE:
Masters Degree (Engineering) Forensic Investigations / collecting and preserving evidence / anti-forensic techniques
Advanced Forensic Investigations Communications Security (COMSEC)
Resisting interrogation techniques Sensitive communications network development and implementation
Advanced SIGINT targeting course Exploitation of TDMA/CDMA/GSM 2G, 3G, 4/ LTE and Mobile Radio
Advanced HUMINT targeting course Managing cover personas
Paramilitary: Small unit tactics, Pistol, shotgun, rifle (other platforms) Encrypted communications
Surveillance detection course Configuring equipment (cell/laptop) for use in cover operations
Offensive / defensive / evasing driving techniques Training equipment tradecraft and COMSEC for IC officers and LEO undercover officers
Sensitive intelligence operations planners course (division manager) Cyber targeting
Interviewing (Reid technique + Advanced techniques)
Extensive hostile area travel training

Other Skills & Highlights: Numerous deployments to conflict zones including Iraq, Afghanistan and other sensitive locations.

Member 6: Clearance – Top Secret/SCI +

Current Assignment: Operations Officer (PILOT) – Classified Client

Summary: Responsible for utilizing commercial, criminal and nominal covers to execute national level mission. Conducts sensitive item acquisition and supply chain logistic management. Tasked with the movement and placement of operational funds and serves as team lead for the purchase and activation of operational accounts and equipment (digital and physical).

Relevant Background Position: Instructor – National Security Agency (NSA)

Summary: Responsible for the assessment, selection and training of individuals selected to utilize cover in support of national level missions. Conducts live training exercises to assess recruit capacity to operate in high stress environments. Developed psychological techniques for improving recruit capacity for long team operations.

CERTIFICATIONS: (some official course titles & organizations redacted) SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTISE:
Commercial Pilots License Aviation in support of intelligence and law enforcement operations
Cover Persona Development course Utilization of cover (both doc supported and nominal)
Countersurveillance course Counter Narcotics
SERE (Level C) Organized Crime (OMC, WS, Domestic extremist groups)
Jump School (Airborne) Sensitive item logistics and obfuscation
Extensive hostile area travel training Persona development and support
Advanced counter elicitation training Training IC and law enforcement in advanced cover techniques
Opensource research techniques for undercover officers Aviation route planning for sensitive operations
Communications Security (COMSEC) monitors course Foreign military equipment acquisition

Other Skills & Highlights: Multiple real world successes acquiring hard target foreign equipment while utilizing criminal cover platform

Member 7: Clearance – Top Secret/SCI +

Current Assignment: Paramedic for Rapid Extrication Team

Summary: Wilderness and Overland rescue operations including high and low angle rope rescue. Responsible for assessment, diagnosis, treatment, stabilization and transport of multi-system trauma patients and medical emergencies.

Relevant Background Position: Mantech (SAUDI ARABIA) - Advisor

Summary: Responsible for developing training plans for personnel recovery operations. Instructed foreign troops in personnel recovery operations and combat survival. Conducted High risk of isolation and high risk of capture training. Developed austere emergency medicine training plans and curriculum. Instructed foreign troops in austere emergency medicine.

Nationally Certified Paramedic (NREMT-P) and Certified Flight Paramedic (FP-C) Resistance to interrogation and exploitation
Special Operations Combat Medic course Customs dilemmas resistance techniques
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Prehospital Emergency and Wilderness medicine
Scuba, Commercial Diver, and Hazmat diver certified Casualty evacuation techniques
Surface supplied and mixed gas diving certification E&E - secure facilities and personal restraints escape
Rigging, Salvage, and Recovery Operations certified Bushcraft and wilderness survival techniques
Surface decompression, recompression chamber operations Hostage survival techniques
Human tracking (combat) / Target Acquisition course Disguise techniques (near and far recognition)
Urban Evasion planning and recovery operations course
Personnel Recovery Plans & Operations course (Personnel Recovery Coordination Center)

Other Skills & Highlights: Demolitions, sensitive site survey, interrogation techniques, defeating physical security, lock picking, vehicle acquisition

Member 8: Clearance – Top Secret/SCI +

Current Assignment: Lead Security and Solutions Engineer

Summary: Global resource and security SME for organization. Responsible for the design, development and management of the organization’s overall information security posture.

Relevant Background Position: Special Forces 18E (Communications) - Special Operations Cyber Section Chief

Summary: Team lead for red cell assessments of security infrastructure for sensitive government sites. Designed cyber training curriculum and lab for training of special operations personnel in open source research, personal digital security and red team capabilities.

Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) Information technology and network security
CompTIA Security + and CompTIA Network+ Routing/switching, cryptography, firewall, VPN, UTM, containers and virtualization
Advanced Special Operations and Techniques Level II (Achilles Dagger) Compliance framework and risk management
Brighton course (formerly Watson/Gray Hat) Wireless technology (RF, Land Mobile Radio, Cellular/4G/LTE/5G, Wi-Fi)
Special Forces Communications Sergeant (18E) Access Control System bypass techniques
Military Freefall Parachutist (HALO) Python programming and application
SERE (Level C) Social engineering and wireless reconnaissance
Thai Language proficiency RFID cloning and employment (physical device builds and programming)
Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat course (SFAUC) SOF communications platforms and techniques
Military mountaineering course
Bachelor of Science with graduate coursework in cybersecurity

Other Skills & Highlights: Special Forces Communications Honor Graduate. 2019 Solutions Engineer of the Year

Member 9: Clearance – Top Secret/SCI +

Current Assignment: Special Forces Weapons Specialist (18B)

Summary: Responsible for Special Forces Detachment security, tactics development and weapons systems. Supervisor role of personnel in austere environments. Trains, supervises and leads Partner Nation Forces and indigenous personnel up to battalion level.

Relevant Background Position: Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

Summary: 25 years studying and teaching martial arts and close quarter fighting. Veteran of World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC), X-1, and HDNet Fights. Held position of assistant coach on the Ultimate Fighter. XFC lightweight MMA champion; USA Nationals Kickboxing champion; Cage Wars Middleweight MMA champion.

Special Forces Weapons Sergeant (18B) Combatives and Edged weapons employment
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt under Robert Drysdale Low visibility weapon techniques (concealed carry knife and pistol)
Advanced Special Operations and Techniques Level II (Achilles Dagger) Operation and maintenance of numerous foreign and domestic weapon systems
French language proficiency 2/2 Small Unit Tactics and advanced urban combat/CQB
Military Freefall Parachutist (HALO) Conventional & Unconventional warfare tactics and techniques
Special Forces Sniper Course Level II (SFSC II) Force protection and security protocols
Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat (SFAUC) course Combat operations management
SERE (Level C) Teaching/training in classroom and field conditions
Hostile Force Tagging, Tracking, and Locating (HF-TTL) Tag, Target, Locate (TTL) device employment
PUMA AE (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) employment Counter surveillance and threat detection techniques
Jungle Operations Training course

Other Skills & Highlights: Developed hand to hand and edged weapons program for US intelligence agency paramilitary unit.

Member 10: Clearance – Top Secret/SCI +

Current Assignment: Presidential Advisory Board for Intelligence at White House

Summary: Provides expert advice on extremely sensitive and impactful national security issues, with particular focus on critical technology protection, military operations, intelligence, counterintelligence, security and interagency to

Relevant Background Position: Director of US Army Counterintelligence and Liaison to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)

Summary: Army's most senior subject matter expert on investigations, operations, policy, doctrine and coordination efforts to protect the Army's technology, personnel, facilities and information from hostile foreign adversaries.

Deputy Director of Counterintelligence Operations at Undersecretary of Defense Counterintelligence
Program Manager for US Army Counterintelligence Operations Risk Assessment
Commander, Pacific Region CI Operations Detachment, Pearl Harbor Supply Chain Security
Operations Officer and Special Agent, European CI Ops, Germany Human Intelligence Collection
Team Lead, Joint CI Unit, Baghdad, Iraq Interagency Coordination
Director of Human Intelligence and CI, Multi-National Division North, Bosnia Policy and Doctrine
Education: BS Mathematics, United States Military Academy at West Point Corporate Insider Threat

Other Skills & Highlights: Winner of Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal (3), DoD Ci Award for Best CI Operation, National Security Fellow at Foundation for Defense of Democracies

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