Listed below are the types of services that we offer here at Blue Ghost Consultants:

⇨ Tactical Consultation and Event Planning for real-world events

⇨ Corporate Risk Assessment including Critical Infrastructure Site Surveys and Security Analysis

⇨ CBRNE Situational Awareness consulting including:

     ● Prevention

     ● Detection

     ● Response Techniques

⇨ Illinois Concealed Carry classes

⇨ HSEEP Certified Training to include Exercise Planning from Table Tops to Full-Scale Exercises

⇨ Red Cell Training

     ● Elicitation Training for Officers

     ● Task Force Assessment / Selection Training

     ● UC Training & Development

⇨ Cyber Security Development

⇨ Surveillance / Counter Surveillance Training

⇨ After Action preparation for HSEEP grant eligible exercises

⇨ Expert Report and Courtroom Testimony specializing in Use of Force and Search and Seizure / 4th Amendment

⇨ Dignitary Protection

⇨ COMSEC Training

⇨ Seminars encompassing all tactical and WMD situations:

     ● Introduction to Terrorist Activities

     ● Rad/Nuc Prevention

     ● Detection and Response

     ● Adversary Criminal Capabilities

     ● Tactical Decon

     ● Fentynal Awareness and Situational Considerations

     ● Quick Reaction Force teams

     ● Joint Hazardous Interdiction Teams

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